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This sample demonstrates uploading very large files and resumable upload. JavaPowUpload has chuncks upload mode and uploads each file by few requests. Each request can be less than 2 MB. Now you don't worry about server or script request size limitations (settings at php.ini, web.config, etc). JavaPowUpload uploads any file size (10 GB tested) to any server.
JavaPowUpload with chuncks upload mode also supports Resumable upload. Internet connection can be lost during uploading but JavaPowUpload tryes to restart uploading since last chunk.
Server side script creates temporary file and after file uploaded completely it renames it to original name.

Enable compression
You can enable compression in chunked upload mode. In this case JavaPowUpload will compress each data chunk "on the fly" without, creation of archive on client side.
Server side script will unzip each data chunk, and write source data to file. It may increase upload speed of large files.

Parameters related to the chunked upload feature (click to expand)

You should enable applets running at browser and to have the Java (JRE) version >= 1.5.
If applet is not displaying properly, please check additional configurations

The file uploader doesn’t work? See here what you need for its proper work.
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