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This example demonstrate how MultiPowUpload can be used to upload files and display images (files) stored on server at the same time.

Please note, that on our demo server you will see only images that you have uploaded during current session.

It may be helpfull if you need to have fast and simple way to display list of images (files) uploaded by user.
MultiPowUpload will load list of files from folder (configurable) on server side and display them.
When user press upload button, MultiPowUpload will generate 2 types of thumbnails for each image file:

  1. Thumbnail with medium dimension (800x800).
    You can configure MultiPowUpload to generate thumbnails with the same dimension as original image file
    by setting to 1.0 the values of thumbnail.width and thumbnail.height parameters, and with applied rotation and crop operations (if needed).
      Please note that it may take a lot of time for large image files to generate thumbnails with the same dimension.
    You can configure MultiPowUpload to upload original image files, but rotation and crop operations will not be applied to them.

  2. Small size thumbnail (160x160) to decrease loading time of images preview. It will be used in thumbnails view mode by MultiPowUpload to display images stored on server.

If you need to simply display images (files) for download (without upload and edit images feature) take a look at flash_imagesfromserver.html example .

MultiPowUpload placed on page using SWFObject JavaScript library.

Parameters related to feature of view/download of remote files

You need at least 10 version of Flash player!  Get Adobe Flash player

You can manually reload remote files list:

Or add files dynamically. It demonstrate possibility to add files on client side using JavaScript API :

You should see server reponse below when upload complete:

The file uploader doesn’t work? See here what you need for its proper work.